Mental Factors

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Classification of Mental Factors

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There are 52 Mental Factors which, are always accompanied by consciousness: generated at the same time with consciousness, generated at the same place as the consciousness, takes the same goal as consciousness and destructs at the same time with the consciousness.

In classification of mental factors there are 7 concomitants common to every consciousness. There are 6 others that may or may not arise in each and every consciousness. They are termed Particulars. These 13 are designated as common to others in comparison with good and evil.

There are 14 concomitants which are invariably found in every type of immoral consciousness.

There are 19 mental factors which are common to all types of moral consciousness.

Finally there are 6 other moral concomitants occur as occasion arises.

Thus these fiftytwo (7+6+14+19+6=52) are found in the respective types of consciousness in different proportions.

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