—— Namo Buddhaya —–

Dhamma wheel 2x2

The Fully Enlightened Peerless One, with the Sublime Doctrine and the Noble Order, do I respectfully salute, and shall deliver concisely of things contained in the “Higher Doctrine”

Higher Doctrine which is also known in the pali canon as Abhidhamma enables to achieve one’s Deliverance .

These teaching elaborates conventionally used terms such as man, animal, being and so forth microscopically analysed and abstract terms are used.

Teachings of Higher Doctrine of seven treatises— namely,

  1. Classification of Phenomenas
  2. Divisions
  3. Discussion with reference to Elements
  4. Designation of Individuals
  5. Points of Controversy
  6. The Book of Pairs
  7. The Book of Causal Relations

In the study of Higher Doctrine in an ultimate sense there in are fourfold in all:

  1. Mind (Consciousness,Citta),
  2. Mental Factors (Mental states, Mental concomitants, Cetasika)
  3. Matter (Form, material body, shape, corporeality)
  4. Nibbana (The deathless; the cessation of all suffering)

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